The Gems of Sharpless: April 9, 2014

-Oh my God! Old school NBA cards, from the era when I followed professional basketball. Well, just a little before. This is the 1990 series and I started following the NBA in 1992. I am, however, very familiar with all the players. Starting clockwise from the top left are Charles Oakley, Dan Majerle, Rik Smits, Terry Porter, Hersey Hawkins, Gerald Wilkins (brother of Dominique Wilkins), Detlef Schrempf (who later played for the Sonics), and Bill Laimbeer. Oh, the memories! The only bad thing about these cards is that they are Fleers. Fleers were barely worth the paper they were printed on.

-Though I did not check for a year, this has 1996 written all over it.

-I think my grandparents had this game.

-Creepy. At first I thought these were Cabbage Patch Kid heads, but I’m not so sure.

-Speaking of 1996… I actually have one of these ornaments.

-There were two of these massive cans and they were full and unopened. I looked for an expiration date but could not find one. Yikes.

-Cool Life magazine cover of Dwight Eisenhower lying in state

-Oh yeah! Bud Ice, ice, baby! That’s one thing you don’t see much of these days: ice beer. And that’s not a bad thing, either.

-Ladies and gentlemen, I give you…the kitchen sink.

-Box o’ eight-tracks. It’s quite a collection of seventies arena rock.

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