Daft Punk, 'Essential Mix 1997'

Another music post. Why not? Because today I stumbled across this amazing Daft Punk Essential Mix from 1997.

When Tron: Legacy was released a couple years ago, people went gaga for the soundtrack, composed by Daft Punk. At a certain point I am pretty sure Sweets said to me, “It’s the CHRON!” Somebody burned me a copy and, to be honest, I was not blown away. It was good — grand, memorable, and fit the tone perfectly — but I really did not see what all the fuss was about. It was a soundtrack. Perhaps I discounted it too much because of that, but to me it seemed Daft Punk were capable of much more — and this Essential Mix is evidence of that. (Perhaps I have categorized Daft Punk too much and need to think past Homework, the only other Daft Punk album I have.)

This recording, I want to note, is a rebroadcast from 2007; Radio 1 was playing classic Essential Mixes over the Christmas holiday. This one was presented by Annie Nightingale, a Radio 1 mainstay since 1970.

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