Good Tunes: Bomba Estéreo, 'Mar (Lo Que Siento)'

My boss has a high-quality stereo system.

Actually, that is a gross understatement. Let me rephrase.

My boss has an insane, blow-the-windows-and-doors-off-the-house, noise ordinance–violating, high-quality stereo system that can shake loose in your stomach all the gum you swallowed in junior high. (Yes, I know gum doesn’t stay in your system for seven years or however long my mom warned, but it’s great metaphor.)

Though he did not crank the volume during my visit last week — doing so would probably short-circuit his entire house, and maybe even portions of his neighborhood — he proudly showcased the stereo’s range and capabilities by playing a diverse mix of music. Yowza! Depending on the recording, the sound quality was as good as being in the studio with the musicians. “You can even hear the moisture on her lips,” my boss said while listening to one song — and I could! (On the flipside, everything he played from the Rolling Stones sounded horrible, like listening to the static-distorted signal of a distant AM radio station, and Led Zeppelin sounded flat. My boss told me it has to do with the engineering and each band’s distinctive style and sound.)

One song he played was Bomba Estéreo’s “Mar (Lo Que Siento).” Though it does not sound quite the same on my Apple earbuds, it is still a good song.

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