Beer of the Weekend #830: M-43

Since it’s a three-day weekend, should I do a BotW triple dip? My Michigan haul is not getting any fresher, so we will see.

The beer of the weekend (perhaps the first) was the hot item when I was in central Michigan, and for good reason: M-43, brewed by the Old Nation Brewing Company of Williamston, Michigan.

The color is cloudy, deep gold that reminds me of fruit juice. A finger of beige, buttery, bubble-spotted head settles slowly, leaving a skim in the center, a frothy ring, and short trails of lacing. The aroma is juicy! [Cue Notorious B.I.G.] Scents of mango and pineapple are most prominent with touches of grapefruit mixed in. It really does smell like fruit juice; it is so tropical, invigorating, and enticing that I can’t help smiling. There also seem to be hints of strawberry and light caramel. The aroma is incredible; it is probably one of the best I have experienced. The flavor is tropical and juicy, too, but it is much more beer-like since it has a nice hop bite. There is not as much mango in the flavor; grapefruit takes over the prominent role alongside pineapple. Grass, earth, and caramel are also noticeable, giving the flavor a malty element. The hops provide some spice that lingers on the tonsils and taste buds.

Fun facts about M-43:

• Style: America IPA.

• Price: Despite the fact there is a $10.99 sticker on one of the cans, the four-pack of pounders cost $13.99 at Tom’s Party Store on East Grand River in East Lansing. I noticed that a lot of the liquor stores in East Lansing included “party store” in their names.

• Alcohol content: 6.8 percent ABV.

• IBU: 65.

• M-43 is named after the Michigan state highway the brewery is located on. Michigan, by the way, has pretty cool state highway signs. They are at least cooler than Iowa’s. Iowa is one of five states that use the boring default design.

• Included on the can is a list of the malt and hop varieties used to brew the beer. Very cool!

• My boss and I visited the Old Nation taproom in Williamston, which is a small town a few miles east of East Lansing. While the entrees were nothing spectacular, the massive pretzel we got for an appetizer was THE SHIZNIT!

• A special thanks goes out to the co-worker of my boss’s wife, who recommended Old Nation. I would not have discovered M-43 without the recommendation.

The Quiet Man’s grade: A.

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