Good Tunes: 'Roundball Rock'

Do you know what gives me goosebumps? Hearing the old NBA on NBC theme song, “Roundball Rock.”

The 2016-17 NBA season tips off tonight and I thought I would honor the occasion by posting the old theme song. “Roundball Rock” was, according to Wikipedia, composed by John Tesh and used by NBC the entire time it held the NBA’s broadcast rights from 1990 to 2002. (The rights moved to ABC/ESPN after the 2002 season.) The version above seems to be the full version, but the version included in this game intro video, coupled with the stylized NBC theme, is what I remember most.

Why does “Roundball Rock” give me goosebumps? Because I heard it so often as a kid when I watched NBA games. It is one of those iconic tunes from my youth. To me, it is the NBA’s theme song. It pumps me up! Listening to it now makes me want to go outside and shoot some hoops in the driveway!

What time is it? GAME TIME, WOO!

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