Beer of the Weekend #799: Sol Hunter

The beer of the weekend is the first I have bought in a store for a long time: Sol Hunter, brewed by the Toppling Goliath Brewing Company of Decorah, Iowa.

The color is cloudy gold. Two fingers of fluffy, shiny, bubble-spotted head settles slowly and unevenly. The aroma is zesty and sharp with scents of tropical fruit. Kiwi and pineapple are noticeable, and there is a touch of grapefruit. It also has a sweet aroma that I thought was body odor, but decided it smells more like a blend of muskmelon and earthy hops. The flavor is well balanced and tasty and has a nice bite. It mostly mirrors the smell with touches of tropical fruit, a little zest, and a prominent melon flavor that is complemented by an earthy, spicy bitterness. The bitterness is sharp and spicy but not overwhelming. The mouthfeel is full and soft. It is a very pleasing, tasty beer.

Fun facts about Sol Hunter:

• Style: American pale ale

• Price: $7.99 for a 22-ounce bottle at the “Drug Town” on First Avenue and Rochester in Iowa City.

• Alcohol content: 5.2 percent ABV.

• IBU: 70.

The Quiet Man’s grade: A-.

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