Good Tunes: DSK, 'What Would We Do'

Instead of watching game 4 of the Cubs-Giants series tonight (I just can’t; I’m way too anxious), I watched a fun little movie called Necessary Roughness. Staring Scott Bakula, Sinbad, Larry Miller, Rob Schneider, and even Kathy Ireland, it is a sports comedy about a once mighty college football program that is forced to reboot after major sanctions. Honestly, the most iconic thing about the movie has to be the poster. I remember seeing it at the video store when I was a kid and was never quite sure what to make of a football with horns. “What kind of movie is that?” I always wondered.

Anyway, DSK’s “What Would We Do” played during the ending credits and it tickled me in the right place. Enjoy and go Cubbies!

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