Winter Storm Yogi

Despite the fact it is spring, and technically has been for almost a month, the Weather Channel is still dipping into its cache of unused winter storm names. If it produces snow somewhere, at some altitude, it is a winter storm to the Weather Channel.

Thanks to Winter Storm Yogi, a picnic basket is the last thing you will need today in Iowa City. So far today, Weather Underground pegs the local rainfall total at 2.28 inches. More is on the way. Around noon, after a torrential downpour, I turned on the radio and listened to reports of flooded roads. Johnson County has even issued an emergency declaration.

We needed rain, but not that much rain. During a little break, I walked downtown and watched the swollen and swift-moving Ralston Creek from the bridge on Evans Street. A large log zipped past going about 30 mph. Hey, Boo Boo!

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