IHSAA Football Week 5

For Week 5 of the high school football season, the old man and I returned to Bates Field for CHS homecoming. And, once again, I forgot to bring my camera.

Forget the game. The scene and action in the stands is even more interesting, especially if you sit in the new raised sections above the ground level walkway; from there, it is hard not being distracted by all the high school horseplay and constant flow of people. But I have neither the equipment nor skills to capture the Friday night atmosphere (I think it would make a great photo essay). However, perhaps I can work a little magic with my Nikon at whatever game I see next week.

Tonight’s game between Cedar Rapids Kennedy and City High was a defensive and sloppy battle won by the Little Hawks, 21-0. The Cougars’ highly touted, D1 talented wide-out, Christian French, was a nonfactor; I only saw him catch one pass, and it was in the waning minutes of the game.

For much of the game, though, I was completely distracted. Tonight was reminiscent of games when I was in high school. The buzz of the stands, the conversations around me, and people passing distracted me to no end. My dad, a friend of his from work, and I sat in the front row of the raised bleachers closest to the student section, and it was annoying and interesting as hell. I tried absorbing all the details, tried tuning into every conversation within earshot, and tried watching the game all at the same time. I was a human radio, changing from station to station, just as I did in high school.

And the second half resembled high school more than I realized at the time. Bobblehead and his missus came after halftime and we met up, sat in the area vacated by the band, and chatted. Rambunctious and annoying junior high kids peppered the section, distracting us all, but we talked through it.

Tonight was also a perfect night for football — the quintessential autumn Friday night. Slightly chilly, dry, and a nearly full moon shining down. It was light jacket and hoodie weather. I wore my North Face jacket, a pair of jeans, and my running shoes. I have no other shoes right now, so I’ll have to do with those until I balls up and buy an every day pair.


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