Hurley makes me hurl

Chuck Hurley is off his rocker.

Hurley is president of the Iowa Family Policy Center and has been the figurehead of the gay marriage opposition in the Hawkeye State. According to Iowa Independent, he sent an email to IFPC supporters saying people will die as a result of Iowa’s Supreme Court decision legalizing same-sex civil unions:

After the past grueling months, and the marathon that has been the last three weeks, it’s good for us to be reminded why we are fighting so hard to save traditional marriage. Unfortunately, due to the Supreme Court opinion, the inactivity of the governor, and the complacency of the state legislature, many young people will experiment with the homosexual “life-style.” People will die.

Accompanying the email was a video of a couple blaming their son’s “homosexual lifestyle” for his AID-related death.

Ridiculous. Chase Martyn, the II post’s author, correctly points out that “viewing HIV/AIDS as ‘the gay disease’ fell out of fashion sometime around 1985. It afflicts people of all stripes and can be transmitted many different ways. Risky sexual behavior is a common form of transmission, but that affects heterosexuals, too. And marriage, whether between a same-sex couple or an opposite-sex one, typically discourages it.”

But this is what boggles my mind: how can same-sex marriage provoke people to “experiment with the homosexual ‘life-style’”? How can the marriage of Jane and Jill or Chuck and Larry prompt me, a heterosexual man, to think, “Hmm. I think I’ll try that gay shit for a while,” as if sexual orientation is comparable to choosing shampoo or contact solution?

Bluntly: it can’t. I love the ladies, and legal documents — simple ink on paper — recognizing the marriage of two men or two women sure as hell aren’t going to make me change or question that.


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