Hot off the Press: “This little piggy went to market, and this little piggy caused swine flu” edition

According to Nobel prize winning economist Paul Krugman (who's NYT columns are very well written), the worst-case scenario for the US economy is turning Irish:

Flint is contracting, and I assume this will soon be a trend across the country (at least I hope so):

Happy 50th, Strunk and White:

The Metro Gold Line in LA may be renamed la Linea de Oro. American Nazis may hate this. I think it's cool:,0,4959999.story.

Jeremy Tyler, a basketball phenom from San Diego, is skipping his senior year of high school to play pro in Europe:

When wealthy skaters buy a house: I can't help but think these people have sold the fuck out.

Here's a great piece from last October about alcohol bootlegging in Alaska:

At least one judge in Iowa is opting out of conducting marriage: I thought judges were supposed to uphold the law.

Furloughs, with an IC pic:

Polish pianist Krystian Zimerman announced at Disney Hall he will no longer be playing in the United States due to the country's military prowess: More power to him.

Hard times in the Imperial Valley:,0,2773373.story.

The military is going green:,0,158694.story.

Yet another reason not to visit Bakersfield:,0,471208.story.

There's is an amusing column from Steve Lopez about students at a LA school who plan to go a week without using electronic devices:,0,88441.column.

Here's a reason why I'm a vegetarian: "Let's figure out new ways to cut up and sell this dead body. It's fun!"

The Coralville/North Liberty area does need its own high school:

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