Hot off the Press: Extinct bears edition

I fear for the three giant ash trees in front of the house I grew up in:

Speaking of southside IC:

Where's my rent decrease?:,0,4736812.story,0,2141039.story

"Blue moon...":,0,1222350.story,0,5821180.story

"This is a textbook example of corporatism, where the influence of powerful organizations overwhelm government institutions and the interests of citizens.":

I've always wanted to be a DJ:

Nuns and the recession:,0,5078541.story

LA County Supes give up their customized water bottles:,0,3879389.story

This is an issue all over California's coast, believe me:,0,3210301.story

The wonder of Iowa values:

I have never before seen the word "plutocrats" in a news story:


Easy Eddie is will be back in the broadcast booth at Hawkeye football games:

Here's an interesting article about the potential affects global warming may have on agriculture and the corn belt:,0,2416858.story

Street crossing chaos at LA schools:

Squatters are claiming foreclosed homes (more power to them!):

Self-representation in court:

"What rescession?" says Sioux Falls:,0,7781636.story

Climate change is apparently hitting Australia hard already:,0,3038982.story

Here are three signs of the times: 1), 2), and 3)

Celebrities are greedy assholes, like most rich people:

Iowa City's state and local government employee salaries are here:

Just so you know: blogs are not journalism:

More talk of year-round school in Iowa:

A Chicagoland library has enacted a rule against "offensive body odors":,0,2550405.story

It's not a good time to be a young and ambitious teacher in LA:,0,3430901.story

Obama is promoting a US bid to host the World Cup in 2018 or 2022:

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