Hot off the Press: 420 edition

California is prepared to pass energy standards for TVs:

The owner of the Sherman Oaks Galleria, of "Valley Girls" fame, and also the Coral Ridge Mall, has filed for bankruptcy. It's the largest real estate bankruptcy in US history:,0,1032608.story

The LA Unified School District is cutting 5,000 teachers. Whoa:,0,4362057.story

W's military propaganda department has been closed:

Saturn: "We're still here." Not:

Apparently orthodontists are immune to recessions:

Gay Talese, a pioneer of New Journalism (with a very unfortunate name), is having two of his best selling books reprinted:

Cedar Rapids may place red-light enforcement cameras (well known and hated in the LA/OC area) on Interstate 380 to catch speeders:

Instead of being tested on soldiers in Afghanistan, lightweight, experimental armor is sitting unused somewhere in Virginia:

Think our electrical grid is outdated and inefficient? Take a look underground at the water mains:

The fight for water is heating up in California's Central Valley:

Paid by the food industry, not the FDA, inspectors are walking the fields to ensure food safety (or maybe the illusion of it):

Japan's underemployed youth are beginning to till the country's farms. I've often thought about becoming a farmer:

Iowa unemployment hits 5.2 percent:,

California's hits 11.2 percent (11.4 percent in SoCal):,0,2996186.story

Here's another story about a growing interest in allowing urban chickens in Iowa cities:

This is both scary and funny:,0,3627505.story

Why I hate cable (corporate) news networks:

Even the headline is insane: "Waterboarding Used 266 Times on 2 Suspects":

Mmm. Is that change I smell?:

Good episodes of "Cops" are in store:

Columbine anniversary piece from the Denver Post:

They should give this guy a medal instead of putting him on a list of terrorists:,0,6052329.story

800 mph, on land:

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