Good Tunes: Cathy Dennis, 'Touch Me (All Night Long)'

Long forgotten gems like Cathy Dennis's "Touch Me (All Night Long)" are the reason why I'll miss having Sirius XM.

Technically, I've never had Sirius XM—my Corolla still has its stock radio, which I have often thought about upgrading—but my parents had it in their van, which I affectionately call Moby. (It is a giant, white whale compared to my car.) While driving Moby to Des Moines last week, 90s on 9 played "Touch Me (All Night Long)," a song I have probably not heard since 1993. It definitely sounds like a tune played by the incomparable Q103.

(The unknown whereabouts of my Q103 bumper sticker is one of the great mysteries of my life. I got the sticker while attending a lip-synching contest at a barbecue festival in downtown Cedar Rapids in 1993 [my uncle was performing and Q103 deejays were judging], and I kept it unused in my room. But it vanished after my dad cleaned before a home appraisal sometime in 1994. Did he throw it away? I hope not, but where the hell is it? I assume it would have resurfaced at some point. After all these years, and my parents moving house once, I still hold out hope that I will find it.)

Anyway, my parents have finally decided to ditch Sirius XM, so goodbye for now, 90s on 9.

This version of the song is, I am sure, the 7-inch mix. It sounds much more familiar than the "hot mix," which is longer and features some additional (and unneeded IMHO) voice effects. This is the club mix.

According to Wikipedia, Cathy Dennis's version is a cover of the original by Fonda Rae, which was apparently used in the soundtrack for A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge. Interesting.

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