Good Tunes: Julia Govor @ Mixmag LA

It’s Tuesday and another music post is overdue, so I thought I would post the last piece of music I added to my bookmarks: this Mixmag LA set by Julia Govor.

Yes, I have been rediscovering the Mixmag Lab series recently. While I really dig some sets, others are total misses. Some are foul balls. This Julia Govor mix is slow at times but rhythmic and bangin’ at others. (That is probably a good description of many sets of electronic music.) I say it’s batting .500.

One thing I really like about these Mixmag Lab videos is they show the DJs in action. As I’ve mentioned in the past, I’ve always thought about DJing and am fascinated by the crafting that happens at the turntables and mixer. It seems very similar to writing — at least the way I approach writing, especially journalism. But it is also cool to see the DJs grooving to the music. One gets the sense that the DJs are having fun, are passionate about what they’re doing. It’s infectious. Govor is no different. At 15:48 she effortlessly winks at the camera. Only her eyelid moves — it’s insane! When I wink, it feels like all the muscles on one side of my face are moving.

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