Good Tunes: Econoline Crush, 'All That You Are'

Last week I took a trip back to 1999 with Oleander, courtesy of Bradboard. Here’s another: Econoline Crush’s “All That You Are.”

Yeah — Econoline Crush. I hadn’t thought about them in forever.

Econoline Crush is another band that was played a lot on Rock 108 back in the day. Though only “All That You Are” and “You Don’t Know What It’s Like” sound familiar, perhaps there were others. I don’t remember hearing “Sparkle and Shine” until perusing the band’s other songs on YouTube last week, but it’s a damn good tune.

Here’s an interesting fact, per Wikipedia: Though “All That You Are” received a lot of airplay in 1999, and is a quintessential example of the year’s sound for me, it was released in Canada in 1997.

One thing I have always assumed about Econoline Crush is that the band took its name from the Ford Econoline series of vans. Where else would it come from?

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