Beer of the Weekend #783: ReUnion Hefeweizen

It’s been hot recently, so it is only fitting that the beer of the weekend is thirst-quenching: Hefeweizen, brewed by the ReUnion Brewery of Coralville, Iowa.

The color is cloudy, bright gold. Two fingers of white, bubbly, dense head settles slowly and evenly. The aroma is full of clove and banana. There are also scents of light pepper, apple, wheat, and yeast. The flavor is much yeastier than the aroma. Banana is prominent, but it is unripe. Wheat is prominent, too, and clove provides a spicy edge. Apple is also present, and it leaves an aftertaste that reminds me of sparkling apple cider. There is also a touch of yeast. Except for bubblegum and maybe strawberry, it has all the elements of a solid and worthwhile hefeweizen. However, the chemistry is not there and it is too unripe.

Fun facts about ReUnion Hefeweizen:

• Style: Hefeweizen.

• Price: $12 per 64-ounce growler fill at the ReUnion Brewery in Coralville.

• Alcohol content: 5 percent ABV.

• The growler fill I received at ReUnion is the worst I have received so far this summer. Once the foam settled, I saw that the bottle was only two-thirds full. Granted, hefeweizen is highly carbonated and produces a lot of foam, so it is probably not easy filling a growler with hefeweizen. What I should have done is tell the bartender to let the foam settle a little and then continue filling. But should he have known that?

• In general, growler filling knowledge and expertise seems to be hit and miss. The quality of my growler fills has depended a lot on where I go and who is working. I need to be much more vigilant and demanding. If I’m paying for 64 ounces, I want 64 ounces.

The Quiet Man’s grade: C+.

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