Motörhead, 'The Chase is Better Than the Catch' and David Bowie, 'Let's Dance'

It has been forever since I posted any music, so in honor of Lemmy and David Bowie I thought I would share my favorite tunes of theirs.

I only own one Motörhead album, Ace of Spades, so for Lemmy I am sharing “The Chase is Better Than the Catch.” (Ace of Spades is a decent album. There’s nothing like good ol’ leather-clad British metal.)

Deciding on my favorite Bowie track was much more difficult. I have never owned any Bowie albums, but I have heard his work on the radio since I was a kid. I like a lot of his songs — “Golden Years,” “Fame,” “Heroes,” “I’m Afraid of Americans.” I could probably name a couple more, but the song that comes to mind is “Let’s Dance.” My awkward eighties phase seems to have etched the song and video into my memory the deepest.

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