Beer of the Weekend #751: Lone Star

The beer of the weekend is a beer I searched for when I was in Texas in September but, amazingly, could not find anywhere: Lone Star, brewed by the Lone Star Brewing Company of Fort Worth, Texas.

My parents spent the last couple weeks in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and managed to find it — at a drive-thru liquor store, of all places.

Lone Star pours a clear, clean golden straw into a pilsner glass. A finger of white foam leaves a broken skim and a ring around the edge. Rising bubbles of carbonation are noticeable. There is not much to the aroma except musty pale malt and touches of lemon zest. It has that simple, macro lager scent. As the pint warms, I swear there are hints of fresh dog poop and sweaty armpit. (No, not the most appealing scents in the world.) Thankfully, they do not last for long. There may also be a touch of corn adjunct. There is more substance and complexity to the flavor, though it is still basic and simple as one expects from a macro lager. The first sip is adjunct city with a lot of corn adjunct. However, the beer sweetens and a lot more actual malt flavor emerges. In fact, it becomes reminiscent of a cream ale. Adjunct fades into the background but is still noticeable. The yeast is noticeable as well. The mouthfeel is pretty creamy. It is an interesting and tasty brew that is very drinkable.

Fun facts about Lone Star:

• Style: American adjunct lager.

• Price: I don’t know.

• Alcohol content: 4.56 percent ABV.

• Calories: 136 per 12-ounce serving.

• Written on the top of the label is “The National Beer of Texas.”

• Interestingly, there are two official Lone Star websites: and

• The underside of the bottle cap feature a cap puzzle. The symbols on my first Lone Star cap included two dollar bills, an O# inside a circle, something that looks like a straight razor, and “ez.” I had no clue what the hell it meant. Thankfully, features a decoder. Beneath the symbols is a code that provides the answer. The code on this cap is 136 and the answer is “Money don’t come easy.”

The Quiet Man’s grade: C+.

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