Anna, 'tech-house DJ set in The Lab LDN'

I recently discovered Mixmag’s Lab series. Every week a Lab or multiple Labs (there are a couple locations across the world) “showcase the finest DJs direct to you from our world famous office party.” Those that I have listened to are pretty bangin’, especially this one by Brazilian DJ Anna. Yes, the mic at the beginning seems to be delayed for some reason (perhaps the audio and video are slightly off), and there are a couple technical difficulties, but it is still damn good. (This mix by Magda is also very good.)

Though I don’t watch the videos much — I mostly listen while I work or write — I sometimes find myself mesmerized by the DJ’s actions, the art of creation at the mixer, turntables, and CDJs. Their hands fly over the knobs and buttons, making tweaks here and there, matching beats, creating seamless segues. It’s fascinating stuff. I have always felt there are a lot of similarities between electronic music and writing — the attention to detail, the careful crafting, the importance of harmony and flow — and these videos strengthens that belief.

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