Nu shooz: Brooks Ghost 6 and Brooks Launch

I stumbled across this article today and it reminded me that I have been meaning to post about my pairs of Brooks Ghost 6 and Brooks Launch.

Though I usually write about “nu shooz” when I buy them, I have had my Ghost 6s and Launches for a while. I have not worn the Launches much, yet, but I wore the Ghost 6s when training for and riding RAGBRAI. I may have worn the 6s to run last winter and spring, but have not run in the Launches. (The Launch is a slightly cheaper cousin of the Ghost.) Also, both shoes are outdated versions.

I usually don’t own three pairs of running shoes at once (I normally have a single pair), but I discovered this awesome place where running shoes can be bought for cheap — the Internet. I stumbled across Brooks’ sale page, where $120 shoes are sold at attractive discounts. Having jumped from a pair of Ghost 5s to Ghost 7s, it was hard to pass up the chance to grab a pair of 6s for 45 percent off. The Launch? Sure, I’ll give them a whirl for 35 percent off. Why not?

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