It’s back, baby — FBS-level college football!

Officially, college football started last week with a handful of FCS games, including the epic battle between North Dakota State and Montana. And what a lovely sight it was! Even lovelier is tonight, the kickoff for FBS teams.

Questions: Why did the opening game have to be played at a neutral site? Come on! It was not the best game in the world, but it was made that much less appealing since it was played in a partially empty NFL stadium. The first game featuring South Carolina was so much better when it was played at South Carolina.

I hate neutral site games, so these potentially colossal matchups in Week 1 don’t have as much oomph for me as they would if they were being played in one team’s home stadium. Part of what I love about college football is the atmosphere. The bands, the student sections, the crowd noise. The home site traditions, history, and character. Regular season neutral site games lack that magic that makes college football special.

Needless to say, I started watching the Michigan-Utah pregame show.

Anyway, football is back, baby!

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