March Madness 2015: post-Elite Eight

Phew! I had a feeling Notre Dame was going to test Kentucky. I was so nervous that I could not watch most of the second half. An Irish win would have essentially busted both of my brackets and I could not stomach the thought of watching it happen. Thankfully, the Wildcats earned a hard-fought trip to the Final Four.

I correctly picked only two Final Four teams on both Ashley Judd and Clogging. That’s not too shabby, especially since my brackets are usually busted by the Elite Eight. Ashley Judd, though, is far ahead on points.

Speaking of points, I learned that the best Ashley Judd can do in the pool is tied for fourth place. The pool manager released a number of “what if” scenarios and Ashley Judd was tied for fourth in the scenario that featured a Kentucky-Duke championship game and a Kentucky championship. Fourth is not bad. However, I am not sure how many people win money. Top five? Top 10? I have no clue but hope a forthcoming windfall will tell me.

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