March Madness 2015: post-Sweet 16


Never count out an underdog Michigan State team. The Spartans may ruin your bracket if they are favored, but Izzo and Co. seem to thrive as an underdog. I needed them to beat Oklahoma to earn a couple last points in the East Region on Ashley Judd and they delivered.

After the Round of 32 I learned Ashley Judd is four points off the lead in my pool. Not too shabby, especially since there were about five pages of brackets listed. Ashley Judd is sitting pretty going into the Elite Eight with six out of eight correct picks. Can Arizona beat Wisconsin? Will Kentucky get past Notre Dame? Will Duke dispatch Gonzaga? For the sake of Ashley Judd, and a shot to win the pool, I hope so.

To be honest, I wonder if I should have picked the Badgers on Ashley Judd. Arizona did not impress me against Xavier, and I went to bed assuming the Wildcats would fall. Thankfully, they did not. I did pick Wisconsin on Clogging, though. I could still get three out of four Final Four teams on Clogging. But Clogging’s shot at the pool title is, I assume, over. Those are big points, though, and they would make up for those lost in earlier rounds. But the same is true for Ashley Judd, and I hope things go “her” way to add to the points “she” already has.

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