March Madness 2015: post-Round of 32

The Round of 32 was fun to watch, especially since it treated my brackets so gently. Well, at least one bracket.

The East Region blew up on both Ashley Judd and Clogging — my Final Four picks from the region were bounced on both. The East Region on Clogging is now busted and my only East pick still alive on Ashley Judd is Michigan State. Needless to say, Izzo and Co. need to win so I can earn a few more, much coveted points from that region. Honestly, I am very surprised UNI did not get past Louisville. I do not think I overestimated UNI, though. I think I underestimated Louisville.

Yes, it sucks that Iowa lost. However, the silver lining is that I picked Gonzaga to win. Unfortunately, I did not pick the ‘Zags to advance any farther on Ashley Judd. A deep Gonzaga run will, however, pay off in Clogging.

Ashley Judd has fared the best thus far. My UNC, Notre Dame, Utah, and Wichita State picks paid off big time. But despite all the damage, and a completely busted region, Clogging is still alive and could still rack up a lot of points. Both brackets could, depending on how things play out next. Overall, given what has already happened, I think Ashley Judd gives me the best change to win the pool.

Fingers crossed!

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