The Gems of Sharpless: November 5, 2014

The selection at Sharpless today was quite underwhelming, but there were a handful of gems.

-A collection of miniature moving trucks.

-16 magazine from November 1979, featuring Kiss. Until I looked at the picture just now, I did not realize how ageless the members of Kiss are, especially with their makeup on. Makeup has that affect, I guess.

-An impressive collection of Hawkeye football and basketball game programs and yearbooks.


-Whether or not this flag was actually used during the Masters is something I will probably never know, but I want to think that it was.

-An old PBR chalice.

-This was an interesting find: mug shots of Jim Morrison from the night he was arrested onstage in New Haven, Connecticut.

-Two interesting items placed side-by-side: a Mazda car lamp tin and an ashtray advertising the Iowa Clay Pipe Company.

-Three three- or four-ounce Coors glasses.

-An Eastman Kodak catalog from October 1939. Inside were profiles of Kodak Brownies.

-These were an interesting find: MLB mats that apparently date from the early-nineties. The 1993 World Series mat was an especially choice gem, though I have no clue what it would be used for. I assume the logo with the snowflake is for winter ball or the winter offseason.

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