Post-Election 2014 thoughts: How I voted

Well, I’m behind. I wanted to write a pre-election post about who I was voting for but did not get around to it. Instead, I’ll write some post-election thoughts and share the choices I made on the ballot (because I know everybody out there has been peeing their pants in anticipation [thick, thick sarcasm]). Later on I plan to post thoughts about the national, state, and local results.

I voted later than usual on Election Day. I usually head to the polls around 9 or 10 AM to get it done early, but my parents invited me to vote with them in the afternoon. My polling place was a little busier (I needed to wait, ballot in hand, for a free booth), but I managed. I had written my choices in the little Miller-Meeks notebook the Republicans handed out at Iowa’s homecoming parade and filled in the bubbles on my ballot accordingly. (Ironically, Miller-Meeks was not among those I voted for.) I was the 345th voter at IC17 and was pleasantly surprised to find that “I Voted Today” stickers had replaced the weird, metal pins that had previously been offered to voters. (I have three of those things hanging around somewhere. I received one of them in 2000, when I first voted, but since they all look the same, and I did not make any identifying marks, I have no clue which is from 2000, ’02, and ’04. The one I took in 2010 is hooked on my backpack, I think. That was the last one I took.)

Who did I vote for? Here’s the rundown:

US Senator: Rick Stewart
US House: My dad
Governor/Lieutenant Governor: Jonathan R. Narcisse/Michael L. Richards
Secretary of State: Jake Porter
State Auditor: My uncle Marty (who is a CPA — I think; Republican candidate Mary Mosiman made it a point to let everyone know she was a CPA)
State Treasurer: Keith A. Laube
Secretary of Agriculture: A family friend who farms
Iowa Senate: Bobblehead (I used his real name, though)
All judges: Yes
Measure D: Yes
Measure E: Yes

I did not cast a vote for State Attorney General, my Iowa House Representative, the Board of Supervisors, County Treasurer, County Recorder, County Attorney, or any of the nonpartisan county committee and council seats. I either did not like the choices given, did not know enough about the candidates, or could not think of anyone I wanted to write-in.

I thought about voting for John Etheredge, the lone Republican and Millennial on the Board of Supervisors, but I am still very leery about voting for Republicrats. Thinking about it now, I guess I feel a tad bit guilty since Etheredge and I are about the same age. I’m tired of seeing baby boomers and those over forty being elected. We need more young public officials, damn it, and my not voting for one did not do any good. (“Young” is a relative term, I guess.)

I think I just decided never to vote for another baby boomer. They have fucked things up enough. My exception, though, will be people I know personally. So listen up, future candidates! If you were born in or after 1975, do not wear a suit and tie everyday, are not a Republicrat, support medicinal and recreational marijuana, and mow your lawn and shovel snow yourself, you are someone I will likely vote for.

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