Good Tunes: Adam Sandler, 'The Thanksgiving Song'

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. It has always meant a lot of great food, a big family dinner, card games, football, and “The Thanksgiving Song” by Adam Sandler running through my head.

With Thanksgiving just one day away, it is only fitting that I make “The Thanksgiving Song” this week’s music post. (I can’t believe I have not posted it before.)

This is the version that was featured on Sandler’s first album, They’re All Gonna Laugh at You. According to Wikipedia, it was recorded at The Strand in Redondo Beach, California, on July 25, 1993. There are a couple other renditions from Saturday Night Live, but this is the version I am most familiar with. (They’re All Gonna Laugh at You and What the Hell Happened to Me are two albums that I should get.)

Happy Thanksgiving!

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