Good Tunes: Acid house 30th anniversary commemorations

Twenty seventeen marks the 30th anniversary of acid house and Radio 1 provided a fitting and eargasmic tribute recently. B. Traits celebrated the style on her three-hour show and an Essential Mix by DJ Pierre, an acid house pioneer, followed.

Good tunes!

I’ll admit it: though I have been listening to electronic music for over 20 years, I still don’t know the differences between many of its myriad styles. What makes this house, what makes that acid, what makes this techno, what makes that progressive? I have never been obsessed enough to learn or care. I’m a writer and listen for the joy of it. Many of the differences, I assume, have to do with the BPMs and basslines.

Thanks to Radio 1’s acid specials, though, I think I have at least a temporary grasp on acid. Needless to say, I am sure I will forget it as I continue listening without much concern for the categorization of good tunes.

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