Beer of the Weekend #764: Rye Saison

Earlier today I tried Lion Bridge’s Coffee Kölsch. The combination messed with my head — but it was so delicious. So I thought I would continue with the uncommon pairing theme tonight by trying Rye Saison, brewed by the Finkel & Garf Brewing Company of Boulder, Colorado.

The color is light, clear brown. About a finger of shiny, light tan head leaves an even skim and ring around the edge. The aroma is spicy, funky, and green. It has that farmhouse yeast funk, but it is not intense. The rye spice is noticeable and clove seems prominent as well, reminding me a lot of hefeweizen. Adding to the hefe parallel is the aroma of overripe banana. There may be a touch of apple, too. The flavor is spicy and tart, as promised on the can description. The rye and clove spice and yeast funk dominate, but overripe banana is prominent as well. Much like the aroma, the funk is farmhouse-like but not obtrusive or over-the-top. A funk- and spice-tinged bitterness coats the taste buds after each sip. There is a presence of toasted malt and a touch of fruity sweetness, but the funk, spice, and bitterness outshine them. As the pint warms, the banana ripens and is not so green, and a touch of apple creeps into the picture.

Fun facts about Rye Saison:

• Style: Saison.

• Price: $1.99 per 12-ounce can at Tipsy’s Liquor World on Alkire Street in Littleton, Colorado.

• Alcohol content: 6.5 percent ABV.

• IBU: 27.

The Quiet Man’s grade: B+.

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