Paul van Dyk, 'LIVE @ Clubnight 17.09.2005'

A post that’s not about beer!

Blogging has taken a backseat recently and it needs to stay there until August, at least. I have a lot going on this summer but plan to continue reviewing beer and throwing the blogosphere posts like this one.

I stumbled onto this stellar Paul van Dyk mix the other day and wanted to share it. Along with audio (of course), it comes with video as well! It’s not much — just the scene inside the studio — but it does provide a glimpse into the art of mixing. Though van Dyk uses vinyl in another Clubnight mix recorded a year earlier, he does not in this mix.

Clubnight is produced by a radio network called YOU FM, which is run by the public broadcaster in the German state of Hesse, Hessischer Rundfunk. That’s right — this awesome music was primarily brought to you by the licensing fee paid by all German households, businesses, and institutions to fund the country’s public broadcasting system. This is the kind of stuff Germans get for their fees and taxes. We mostly pay for weaponry. Just sayin’.

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