Beer of the Weekend #686: All Hands on Deck

My plan tomorrow morning is to hit the road for a 50-mile bike ride at eight o’clock (Sutliff, here I come!). Which is a bummer because I like to sleep in on Saturdays until at least nine.

Oh, the joys of training for RAGBRAI…

In recognition of Des Moines Beer Week (which was this week), the Des Moines area’s breweries collaborated on a special brew, which happens to be the beer of the weekend: All Hands on Deck, brewed and bottled by the Confluence Brewing Company of Des Moines, Iowa.

Along with Confluence, the collaborating breweries are 515 Brewing Company, Flix Brewhouse Des Moines, Firetrucker Brewery, Madhouse Brewing Company, Court Avenue Restaurant & Brewing Company, Rock Bottom – Des Moines, Exile Brewing Company, and New American Brewing Company.

All Hands on Deck pours a cloudy, dirty, golden amber. A finger of white head leaves a ring around the edge, a few bubbles, and a scattered skim. The aroma is floral and earthy with touches of citrus and tropical fruit. There are also scents of wheat malt and spice. Orange, lemon, and grapefruit are noticeable. The flavor features spice, wheat malt, floral/earthy hops, grapefruit, orange, and a little lemon. The wheat malt and spice balance the fruit and citrus, giving the beer a summertime wheat quality. I have no clue what the ABV is, but the beer is tasty and quaffable.

Fun facts about All Hands on Deck:

•Style: English-style Summer Ale.

•Price: $9.49/32-ounce bottle at the New Pioneer Food Co-op in Iowa City.

•ABV: I have no clue.

The Quiet Man’s grade: B+.

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