March Madness 2015: post-Final Four


Not only did the Badgers end Kentucky’s bid for a perfect season Saturday, they busted both of my brackets. If I hated Wisconsin — Bo and the Buzzcuts, as Bobblehead aptly named them — and had been poised to win the pool, I would have been pissed. But I could only tie for fourth and the Badgers represent the Big Ten.

Tonight’s title tilt has the potential to be titanic. Who will win? I have a feeling the Badgers will, but we will see.

This was another great edition of March Madness. My brackets lasted quite a while, which made the 2015 tournament that much more interesting. Next year, though, I may not fill out any brackets. Yes, filling out brackets and tracking my picks is fun, but it can also be frustrating and agonizing. Sometimes I want to sit down, relax, and enjoy the games without having to worry about how their outcomes will affect my brackets. However, I do not think it would be the same without brackets.

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