P.O.D., 'Goodbye for Now'

I tuned my trusty ol’ boom box to KRNA while cleaning the bathroom on Sunday (Rock 108 was not coming in well) and heard P.O.D.’s “Goodbye for Now.” It was a pleasant blast from the past and I thought I would post it. It’s good golden hour music.

Yes, that is Katy Perry at the end of the video. (I’ll admit it: I enjoyed her Super Bowl halftime show.) The video’s comment board features a lot of question about whether or not it is her and one comment — “She used to be a Gospel/Christian Rock singer” — made me curious.

Wait a minute? I thought. What’s a Christian rock singer doing in a P.O.D. video?

Well, it turns out that P.O.D. is considered a Christian metal band. (P.O.D. stands for “Payable on Death.”) I did not know that before searching for the video and reading about the band on Wikipedia. I can’t say anything about their music would have tipped me off, but maybe I am just that dense.

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