Hellyeah, 'Moth'

Here’s another recent release that I have been digging: “Moth” by Hellyeah.

I have always thought Chad Gray’s voice is incredibly powerful and haunting. It is one reason why I have always liked the Mudvayne songs played on Rock 108. His voice is definitely one of the things that I like about “Moth,” but his appearance in the video makes me laugh. To me, it’s comical.

I suppose it touches on something that I have never fully understood: the association between music and style. Why do people who like a certain type of music sometimes dress and make themselves look a certain way, which in turn becomes the stereotypical, distinctive fashion style and appearance for the music they like? Which comes first, the music or the fashion? Perhaps there are deep, personal aesthetic preferences that have the same influence on both our individual style and taste in music. However, though there are some people who go all out and literally embody the music they love, others do not buy in to the images and do their own thing. But why do we not see more country music singers with Mohawks and dog collars, rappers wearing cowboy boots, and thrash metal bands of business casual suburbanites? I don’t know.

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