It's friday. I'm tired. My body is exhausted. Everytime I move it feels like I'm using the last bits of energy until I pass out. All day I've moved slowly. The world seems to be rushing past me. It's like those digitized scenes in movies where one person is in focus, moving at normal pace, and everything around him is racing and blurred. Today I feel like that person in focus.

This post will be short -- I promise. I only have half an hour left before I leave work. Working on Friday isn't new to me, but it's something I've never done during the school year. At the Daily Iowan we got Friday's off because the paper didn't print on Saturday. It was one of the only perks of working a day ahead (the bad thing is you work on Sunday -- the weekend is moved up a day). Until now I'd never worked on Friday's at my current job. I only had classes on Friday, and was able to go home a little after noon. I'd sit in my blue chair, read, take a nap, lounge around until everyone else was free. It was chill. Now after class I go to work. My chilling is delayed for a couple hours. Today was one of those sixty degree winter days when I want to stay outside and throw disc. I can't do that. I'm trapped among these cubical walls, staring at a computer screen, writing a post in my blog. Spring is on the way. I just have to be patient.

Here's something I always thought: If I want my portrait painted I'd want it to look like the one of Howard Bowen at the main library. Bowen was president of the university in the late-'60s, and his painting is definitely something from that time. Paintings of the other presidents are on the same floor, but none of them are like Bowen's. They're all very academic. The person in the painting is in a commencement robe, or in an office, or with books. Those kinds of portraits are fake to me. Bowen's is artistic. He's in a robe, standing, very stoic looking, but his figure is drawn in different colors. My description isn't very good (or creative), so here's a link to the only image I can find: Just thought I'd say that.

Work is winding down. I'm going to publish this. Have a good weekend. Peace.

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