The next step: A great album and my ongoing quandry

The Next Step is not only one of my favorite hip hop albums, it is something I have been contemplating for a long time.

A long time. Too long, really.

What is my next step in life? What am I going to do next? I’ve been turning those questions over in my mind for years. It is not that I am unhappy with where I am or what I do, but I feel the need (perhaps unreasonably) to do something else, to move on. I have worked an editorial assistant for over 10 years, and have been back in Iowa City for nearly seven after a relatively short stint on the West Coast, so I get the impression that I am not living up to my potential.

However, what is my potential? And what exactly do I want to do next? What do I like doing? What am I passionate about? What can I do? Is it a worthwhile and sustainable living?

Since I have been unable (or perhaps subconsciously unwilling) to answer those questions, I have decided to turn to writing a series of blog posts to work them out. Writing has always been a useful way for me to resolve personal dilemmas and answer vexing questions, to nail-down my opinions and desires, so I will hopefully be able to do that with this series. I plan to explore my many options and what I like and dislike about each one, as well as the hang ups, uncertainties, and personal hesitations that keep me from making potentially big, life-changing decisions.

It should be fun!

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