Beer of the Weekend #693: Hoppelganger

A post about RAGBRAI is forthcoming. I needed a week off — from everything. (I had to work, though.) Plus, I needed to move.

But BotW is back! And tonight I am drinking an interesting collaboration beer I saw at the Co-op today: Hoppelganger, brewed by the Madhouse Brewing Company of Des Moines, Iowa.

Hoppelganger pours a copper-tinted amber into a pint glass. A half-finger of eggshell-colored head leaves a bubbly skim, a ring around the edge, and short trails of lacing. The aroma is earthy with hints of citrus and spice. There is a little grapefruit as well as orange and lemon. A hint of toasted malt is present, too. The mouthfeel is pleasant and smooth. The flavor is maltier than I was expecting, but citrus and bitterness still have a strong presence. Candy caramel provides a solid and sweet foundation for hop earthiness, a touch of spice, grapefruit, orange, and touches of tropical fruit (perhaps kiwi or pineapple).

Fun facts about Hoppelganger:

•Style: American IPA.

•Price: $5.99 per 22-ounce bottle at the New Pioneer Food Co-op in Iowa City.

•Alcohol content: Unlisted. It is not on the bottle or on the Madhouse website.

•According to the label:

This extra local craft beer is Iowa-brewed by Mason Groben of Madhouse Brewing with Iowa-grown hops from Orville, Kim, & Austin Bunker of Iowa Hops & Iowa Malted barley from Peter Woltz of Timber Ridge in cooperation with your locally-owned Co-op grocery.

The Quiet Man’s grade: B.

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